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Declare it in your ResourceManifest.cs

Feb 15, 2012 at 12:41 AM

Override orchard-tinymce.js:

  1. Copy TinyMceDeluxe\Scripts\samples\orchard-tinymce.js to your Scripts/ folder
  2. Declare it in your ResourceManifest.cs
  3. Modify your copy of orchard-tinymce.js according to the plugins you want to use. There are some instructions in the file itself.

Just wanted some help on where this ResourceManifest.cs file is.  And what I need to declare...


I found this in the TinyMCEDeluxe folder....  is this the one to modify?

using Orchard.UI.Resources;
namespace TinyMceDeluxe {    public class ResourceManifest : IResourceManifestProvider {        public void BuildManifests(ResourceManifestBuilder builder) {            var manifest = builder.Add();            manifest.DefineScript("TinyMce").SetUrl("tiny_mce.js", "tiny_mce_src.js").SetVersion("3.4.8");        }


Thanks for your help

Feb 15, 2012 at 1:30 PM

Yes, you can copy that ResourceManifest.cs from the TinyMceDeluxe module into your own module and use it as a starting point. Modify the namespace to match your module's namespace. 

The ResourceManifest.cs file is something Orchard uses to to let you define .css and .js resources, which you can then include from any pages or content parts. For example you can include the TinyMce javascript by calling this from any view:


If you need more help using ResourceManifest.cs, you should ask in the orchard discussion board, as that's not really a TinyMce question. Hope this helps!