Project Description
Add-on to Orchard's built-in TinyMce module. This module allows you to use all the TinyMce plugins available in the TinyMce "Full Package" download (

To use TinyMceDeluxe:

  1. Disable the "TinyMce" module that comes with Orchard by default.
  2. Enable the "TinyMceDeluxe" module
  3. Customize /modules/tinymcedeluxe/scripts/orchard-tinymce.js:
    1. Modify your copy of orchard-tinymce.js according to the plugins you want to use. There are some instructions in the file itself.

Integrate your site's styles into TinyMce

  • In orchard-tinymce.js, set the value of the content_css property to the url of your site's .css file (e.g., content_css: "/Themes/MyTheme/Styles/Site.css")

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