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Making it work by overriding the default scripts

Jan 14, 2013 at 12:26 PM

Now that script overrides work just as like CSS overrides I don't think it's necessary to have separate resources for TinyMceDeluxe as just having the scripts there overrides the built-in TinyMce ones.

The modifications I made:

  • Removing Body-Html.Editor.cshtml (actually the whole Views folder) as it's unnecessary
  • Adding TinyMce to the dependencies (so the order of overrides is correct)
  • Only leaving the TinyMceDeluxe and OrchardTinyMce declaration in the ResourceManifest (the latter is needed only for requiring TinyMceDeluxe; however the init now being in the coffee file could be in orchard-tinymce.js, making the ResourceManifest unnecessary as well).

This all makes TinyMceDeluxe work without disabling TinyMce and without modifying any templates to specifically include TinyMceDeluxe.