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Project Description
Replacement for Orchard's built-in TinyMce module. This module includes the same functionality as the default TinyMce module that is bundled with Orchard, but additionally, allows you to use all the official TinyMce plugins.

To use TinyMceDeluxe:

  1. Disable the "TinyMce" module that comes with Orchard by default.
  2. Enable the "TinyMceDeluxe" module
  3. That is all you need to get started!

If you need customize the toolbar, or configure which plugins are loaded:

  1. In your module's /Module.txt, declare a dependency on TinyMceDeluxe
  2. Override /modules/tinymcedeluxe/scripts/orchard-tinymce.js (copy it to the analagous folder in your module, and declare it in your ResourceManifest.cs)
  3. Customize your module's copy of orchard-tinymce.js :

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